About Us

Liberty Union Progressives is the successor organization to Buffalo for Bernie Sanders, a group of grassroots activists that worked to elect Bernie Sanders as President of the United States in 2016.

Based in Western New York, we are committed to advancing the platform on which Bernie Sanders campaigned all over the United States. Liberty Union Progressives’ primary focus is encouraging political activism and participation in electoral politics. We are working both inside and outside of the Democratic party to advance the causes of Economic, Environmental, and Social Justice. We’re also focused on lobbying for Local/State legislation on Health Care (including single-payer and reduction of prescription drug prices), Election Law (access to voting, automatic registration, and ranked choice), and other progressive reforms.

Liberty Union Progressives is named after the Liberty Union Party of Vermont, the political party of which Bernie Sanders was a member during his first few runs for office. Our organization seeks to pull together all the hard-working groups that fight everyday to advance progressive causes and real solutions to the very serious problems our country is facing. We welcome participation from members of all political parties as well as those who are unaffiliated or non-voters for any reason, as long as you are committed to achieving progressive change in New York and beyond!